No one uses a purchased domain or paid hosting once he desires to form his initial web site or web log. It doesn’t matter if you're creating thr web site for earning some on-line financial gain or for a few different activity however the factor that matters is that the alternative of free domain and hosting.
There ar several free platforms that provide free name and internet hosting on cyberspace. For last 3 weeks i used to be looking for best free blogging platform and wasted plenty of your time to seek out the most effective blogging web site. Here we have a tendency to go;
1. Blogger
Its best for brand spanking new bloggers and people WHO don’t recognize something concerning internet planning and hypertext markup language etc. It’s the foremost straightforward and versatile blogging platform by Google that provides 100 percent distribution by Google Adsense. this implies it’s a free web site that enables you to show Google Adsense ads to form on-line earnings without charge. It doesn't price something. Alongwith several different nice options it conjointly includes the Amazon affiliate program at intervals the monetizing tab. web log is like World Wide Web.*******
2. Wordpress
It is the most effective platform for people who need to try to to something except advertising and displaying affiliate ads. it's the foremost powerful blogging tools and admin panel that you simply can like to use. attractive themes and plenty of nice options. the sole factor that it doesn't support ar advertising ads.
Blog is like World Wide Web.*******
3. Weebly
Its conjointly an honest alternative if you would like to advertise on your web log however it shares five hundredth of the Google Adsense revenue. it's handy admin panel and is straightforward for brand spanking new bloggers.
Blog is like World Wide Web.*******
4. Yolasite
It’s a awfully sensible platform for people who need to form a free web site in addition as a free web log. It supports Google Adsense and doesn't shares 100 percent of revenue to you. very little sophisticated admin panel however will be understood during a short amount.
Blog is like World Wide Web.*******
5. 000Webhost
It offers free hosting and free name. 1500mb area and 100gb information measure. this can be the most effective free hosting service and you'll conjointly install scripts like Wordpress and Joomla thereon. name depends upon the server prsent whereas creating the account.